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Why do I get more stoned? 
The filters allow u to take a bigger hit due to the filtering and cleaner smoke that you inhale. We suggest using half the amount of herb when using the breathe-EZI system for the first time.

Can I use the mouthpiece on its own without the filters? 
You sure can, just remove the filters.

Do u offer a guarantee? 
Yes all our products have a 30 day money back guarantee.

How do i clean the mouthpiece? 
Just use soap and hot water or simply place in the dishwasher.

What is the mouthpiece made of? 
The mouthpiece is made of medical grade silicon, chosen because of its safety at high temperatures, durability and ease of cleaning.

Where are the filters made?
They are made by an American company and produced in Mexico.

What are the filters? 
The filters are made of Calcium Acetate fibre. In laboratory testing, these filters have been shown to reduce "tar" by up to 50%. Cellulose acetate is non-toxic, doorless and tasteless. Breathe-EZI filters have 30% less pressure drop than standard filters. This allows the active ingredients to pass through while trapping particulates and tar. 

CannaMedics research has tested a number of mediums to use for filters from seaweed to activated carbon filtration. Calcium acetate fibre has given the best results due to the ease of the draw which increases the quality of the stone. Our research into activated carbon produced a filter that was harsh to draw on.


Cannamedics was started in Perth, Western Australia by 2 surfersback in 2010. Their backgrounds in Finance and marketing and industrial design paved the way for the creation of the first Breathe Ezi water pipe filter. 10 years later the mark 2 was released with new improved filters. Cannamedics will continue to innovate in the medical cannabis space with new products pencilled in for release in 2020.

Three steps to healthier water pipe use

1 - Discover the benefits

2 - Purchase the filter

3 - Enjoy healthier smoking

While the CannaMedics Water Pipe Filter may reduce certain particulars in the smoke passing through the filters, CannaMedics does not mean to infer that by using this Filter, the smoking of tobacco or any other substance is made healthy or the risk of ill-health is removed. To the contrary, a risk to health will always be present even when such smoke is filtered. Further, not all potentially harmful components in smoke are removed by filters. This product has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not approved to treat, cure or prevent disease. If you have any medical condition, please consult your medical advisor before using this product. 
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